Sunday, 15 May 2011


The objective in rugby union is to score more points than the opposing team. There are four ways for players to score points in rugby union, these are pointed out below. 

Penalty Kick at Goal
Firstly a team can score 3 points for a penalty kick at goal. A penalty kick at goal can only be taken when the referee awards a penalty against the opposing team for breaking a rule of the game. The ball must also go between the goalpost and over the crossbar that links the goalposts. The outhalf is the player who usually takes the kicks at goal but any player can take on the responsibility.

Drop Goal
A team can also score 3 points by taking a drop goal. A drop goal is when a player kicks the ball between the goal posts by dropping the ball towards the ground and kicking the ball at the same time the ball impacts with the ground. For the points to stand the ball must also go over the crossbar that links the goalposts. 

Another way to score is by grounding the ball in the other team’s in-goal area. This score is called a try and the team is awarded 5 points for this type of score.

After a try is scored the team that scored the try gets an opportunity to convert two further points with a bonus shot at goal for scoring a try. Unlike with a penalty kick the opposition can charge to block down the kicker.

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