Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Pitch

The pitch in Rugby Union is about 100 metres in length from goal to goal and is about 70 metres wide. In addition to this there are in-goal areas behind each goal measuring anywhere between 10 metres to 22 metres at each end at the largest stadiums. If any of you are familiar with American Football the pitch layout for rugby is very similar to that of an American Football pitch. There are many terms for the different areas and lines on the field which are shown below.  

The Touchlines
The touchlines are at either side of the pitch. On or outside this lines are out of play.

The Field of Play 
The field of play is the area between the try lines and inside the touchlines. The lines themselves are not part of the field of play. So if the ball touches the touchline it is out of play.

In-Goal Area
The in-goal area is the area behind the try line and inside the deadball line. It is where a player has to ground the ball in order to ground the ball. The try line itself is part of the in-goal area so if a player grounds the ball on the oppositions try line it is a try. 

The '22'
The '22' is the area between the try line and the '22' yard line. It does not include the try line. The '22' yard line is a line parallel to the try line 22 yards out from the try line.

The Deadball line
The deadball line is the line that marks the the part of the pitch that is in play. 

The Halfway line
The halfway line is the line the is halfway between the two try lines.

The 10 metre line
The ten metre line is a line that is parallel to the try line. It is called the 10 metre line because it is 10 metres from the halfway line.

The Goalposts
The goalposts are positioned halfway between the touchlines on the try line. The distance between the goalposts is 5.6 metres and the crossbar is 3 metres in height.

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