Thursday, 26 January 2012

No. 3 - Tighthead Prop

There are two props in every rugby union team. The No.3 on a rugby team-sheet is called the Tighthead Prop.They together with the Loosehead Prop and the Hooker make up the front row of the scrum and have to have certain physical attributes and skills to perform in this position. They are called the Tighthead prop as they bind against the loosehead prop and the hooker in the scrum, leaving their heads locked in between the oppositions props and hookers head.

Roles within the team
The primary roles of props are scrummaging and lineout lifting. They are bound to their Hooker on the left side of the scrum and scrummage against the Loosehead Prop and Hooker of the opposing team. In the lineout, their strength makes them the chief lineout lifters, which means they lift either the Locks or Backrow Forwards into the air to receive the ball during the lineout. In general play they are used as tacklers at the sides of rucks and are usually not found in midfield. Props are also used as ball-carriers close to rucks. They often do not gain much ground as a result of a lack of speed but rather suck in defenders, as they require a number of tacklers to bring them down.

Similar in physique to the Loosehead Props, Tighthead Props tend to be slightly bigger and stockier as their shief role is to anchor the scrum.

Star Players
Some of the best loosehead props include Adam Jones of Wales, Carl Hayman of New Zealand, Martín  Castrogiovanni of Italy and Nicolas Mas of France.

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