Friday, 13 May 2011

Understand Rugby Union - Player positions

One of the great facets of rugby union is that it caters for players of all shapes and sizes. If your fast, agile and like to run your likely to become a winger, while on the other hand if you’re a stocky (well built) type of player, but lacks a bit of speed there is a place in the team designed for your attributes. If you are new to rugby and have already watched a few matches on television, you have probably heard players being referred to by the position they play, such as a prop, lock, full back etc. So what do these positions mean and what roles do the players in each position have? This article will give you a general awareness of the player’s positions on the field and what their roles are. At a later date we will be looking at player positions row by row to give a deeper understanding of their roles.

Player positions on the pitch can be categorized under two separate categories forwards and backs. There are eight forwards and seven backs. The forwards are the players who line up on the field in positions 1 to 8, with the backs lining up in positions 9 to 15.

The positions are as follows:

1. The Loosehead Prop
2. The Hooker
3. The Tighthead Prop
4. Lock/Second Row
5. Lock/Second Row
6. Blindside Flanker
7. Openside Flanker
8. The No. 8
9. Scrumhalf
10. The Outhalf/Flyhalf
11. Winger
12. Inside Centre
13. Outside Centre
14. Winger
15. The Fullback

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